Friday, May 1, 2009

Internet Cafe

I am writing this from an Internet Cafe in Yokohama where Tom and I are crashing for the night for the low price of 1480 yen (about fifteen dollars), plus 100 yen for a shower. The cubicle (for it can only be considered as such) measures about five feet by two and a half feet, and has an open ceiling. The floor is a hard cushion-type substance made for sitting or sleeping (there is no chair); and our purchase includes two small bean-bag pillows; access to the coffee and soda bar (the soft-serve ice cream bar is sadly closed); and free range of the manga library downstairs, which prominantly features schoolgirls displaying ample cleavage. It is peaceful here with soft jazz playing the background, and is an altogether pleasant place to crash for the night.

My computer recently decided it would be fun to only display verticle lines of color when I start it up, and this combined with the lack of internet at my new apartment (which has three windows, two stovetop burners, and nice hardwood floors) has not ben conducive to my updating this blog, or staying in contact with friends, all of whom I miss terribly. This could be the quite timely end of my long-suffering Dell laptop, but I am doing everything in my power to fix the problem if I can. Until then, the best way to contact me is via my cell phone e-mail. I find sending text messages to be unbearably araduous, but I can usually manage something that bears resemblance to a dignified reply.

That`s all for now; I need sleep. More adventures will hopefully follow later; not all of them good.

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