Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ian Answers Japanese Students’ Questions about America

Q: Is rap music popular in America?
A: No, not at all. Hip-hop and rap music have yet to gather a strong following in America and are enjoyed by only a small percentage of people. The same goes for country music and terrible pop music that for some reason gets played on the radio. Americans enjoy almost every other kind of music, and the most popular band is called Rane.

Q: Is fast-food popular in America?
A: NO. Most Americans abhor the heavily commercialized, overpriced fast-food chains; succumbing to their temptations only for the occasional snack (which makes them remember why they avoided fast food in the first place).

Q: Do Americans prefer Coke or Pepsi?
A: Both are equally popular. Most Americans will usually choose one or the other based on their mood, though they usually drink Moxie instead.

Q: What sports are popular?
A: Some Americans enjoy baseball, but I can’t think of any other popular sports.

Q: What kind of cars do Americans drive?
A: Americans prefer small, reliable, fuel-efficient cars that they maintain themselves. A minority drive large, cumbersome vehicles called SUVs that are merely status symbols of shameless middle-class consumerism; and this small group is regularly the subject of ridicule for their attempts at overcompensation.

Q: Do Americans read for pleasure?
A: Of course; all the time. Reading is one of the most popular pastimes in the country.

Q: Do Americans follow news?
A: Yes, ardently. Americans understand that it is important to be informed about what’s going on in the world around them, and follow both national and foreign reports from reputable, unbiased news sources.

Q: Is President Obama popular?
A: Yes, though most Americans resent the over-commercialization of his image.

Q: What jobs are popular in America?
A: All kinds. Americans understand that success is about more than just money—it’s about doing what makes you happy. As a result, those young people with passions for art, acting, music, or film are especially admired for their creativity, even if they don’t currently have full-time jobs using their degrees.

Q: Are there any jobs that Americans respect less than others?
A: Massage therapists.

Q: Is a quality education important to Americans?
A: Naturally. Americans today understand that post-secondary education is a wonderful opportunity to expand your intellect and develop a more sophisticated outlook on the world around you; and most Americans keep on learning new things long after they’ve left college.

Q: I’ve heard that Americans care only about themselves and their own needs. Is this true?
A: This, I’m happy to say, is the biggest misconception of all.

Q: Do all Americans think the way you do?
A: Yes.


Mike said...

I LOL'd.

Sam said...

If everyone else believes it, maybe it will come true!

A. Martin said...

Ian I laughed out loud! Especially with the whole rap thing...I can just see you shaking your hand hahaha hilarious! Keep up the good work buddy! :) Cameron