Monday, September 30, 2013

Art Swap 2013: Bags with Style

Magnet-clasp cloth bag with single inside pocket.

Bennington alum and Alaska native Rebecca Grabman contributed this series of reusable cloth bags (suitable for both sexes) made from recycled clothes and materials.  The series includes magnet-clasp bags, handles of varying lengths, and bags with buttonhole pockets.  The combination of both wide and thin plaid lines forms an eye-catching clash balanced by the solid handle and bottom, thus putting the typical grocery-store cloth bag to shame.  More photos below:

Finished product.
The shirt-cutting stage.

Rebecca Grabman works and teaches awesome stuff at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.  Her website,, features pics and videos of her many, many fashion and experience-interaction projects, including a computer-interactive obstacle course, a purse that records and plays back audio conversations, and a machine that voices user-generated propaganda.  She also worked on the combination tap dance/light show featured below.  I regret that we never became better friends in college.


Marlene said...

I've always loved Rebecca's work! She's such a multi-talented artist. Thanks for sharing all these projects!

Anonymous said...

I now use this bag EVERY DAY. It is super durable, well constructed, the colors are perfect for fall and it fits a full sized notebook. Thank you so much, Rebecca! --Andrea