Friday, March 21, 2014

Honeggers Grain Elevator

Driving or walking in Lincoln, one sees old agricultural buildings like this one, the Honeggers grain elevator and feed plant on 6th Street and G, rising above the rest of the neighborhood.  Some are still in use, while others lie as vacant as the Honeggers plant.  Unlike churches and other multi-use buildings, what does a community do with a grain elevator that's no longer needed?  Nothing, until someone tears it down.

What's confusing about Nebraska's old farm plants is that it's difficult to tell which ones are vacant and which ones still function.  Railroads are one indicator: the Honeggers plant isn't connected to the tracks anymore - but even those plants on the main lines aren't always in operation.  For those passing through who don't know the difference, the plants function as signs of both urban activity and decay.

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Danicus said...

To me that's a sign of now living rent-free!