Monday, July 12, 2010

Business as Usual

After two months of counting words and making fun of people who incorrectly use the word "utilize," Corporate Takeover is finished. Overall I'm moderately pleased with how it came out, despite a few organizational and pacing issues, and feel like I took the project where it needed to go. (As always, any thoughts or feedback are welcome, via the comment field or e-mail.) With that out of the way it's business as usual here at A Wave of the Hand, and updates will probably slow down to about once a week (a quota I've tried unsuccessfully to maintain since starting this blog). You can expect a few more commentaries on life in Japan, some travel notes, and, in the coming months, a chance for some guest blogging that I'll post more about later (Teaser: It's a chance to break the one Erochikan rule I never successfully bent.)

I'd also like to take this opportunity to plug my friend Savannah Dooley's new show (like, one that's actually on network television) Huge, an hourlong drama about teens at a summer weight-loss camp. The show is a collaboration between Sava and her veteran writer/producer mom Winnie Holzman, who, whose past achievements include My-So-Called Life, the musical version of Wicked, and once paying for my lunch. The first two episodes had all the humor and witty banter I've come to expect from Savannah, plus a brutal honesty that caught me off guard. I highly recommend checking it out, and aren't just saying that because one of the characters is named after me. We're proud of you, Sava.

Those of you located within the US can watch episodes here.


Danicus said...

so it is legitimately a quality program? because the ads for it on the TV box really make it seem... not good. But then again ABC family are MASTERS of taking decent stuff and making it seem like drivel.

Ian said...

I swear that what you're seeing is just shitty ABC Family advertising that appeals to the lowest common denominator of viewer, and not to sophisticated twentysomethings like us who can appreciate the show's actual quality.

Anonymous said...

I really want to see this show now. Maybe over my Christmas break I will make time to see it. I'll be back in the US then.
That is so hardcore that you have a character named after you.


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