Monday, November 4, 2013

Art Swap 2013: The Interquest Explorer Treasure Hunt

Hidden among the prints and the photos and the calligraphy, each Art Swap envelope contained a scrap of paper with this image:

Those who followed that link embarked on an online scavenger hunt of epic proportions, a hunt that takes them through the internet's most popular hangouts and darkest corners, with every step testing the explorer's creativity, cunning, and skill with a mouse.  One clue leads to another, and the puzzles are sometimes obscure, usually funny, and always full of animator Jeff Gill's trademark doodles.  Successful explorers will earn themselves a prize, and the final reward (I won't spoil it here!) is well worth the effort. 

What are you waiting for?  Give it a try - Click this link to get started!

Good luck in your quest.

Jeff Gill is a for-serious animator who's worked on South Park and other shows, and whose cartoons, doodles, and musical stylings can be found scattered about the web:
Animations on Youtube (sample below!)
More animations on Vimeo
Goodbye Spacebar, a daily blog of doodles
Songs Jeff made up in his car while stuck in Los Angeles traffic

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