Monday, November 18, 2013

Art Swap 2013: Pillow Creatures

Eden Scheans's Art Swap project appears as a normal set of miniature pillows on one side...

...with sharp pointed teeth and asymmetrical button eyes on the other.  Each one has a name and comes with a set of personality traits listed in the pocket of the mouth.  My Tolkien-esque wilderness scene creature (top photo, second from left) has a penchant for folk music and rich food:

Name: Lawrence
Fave Food: Trail Mix
Likes: Bird Watching
Dislikes: Tourists
Fave Beer: Guinness
Fave Band: Mumford & Sons
Vices: Psychedelic Mushrooms

In addition to her talents as a seamstress, Eden also co-founded a her own cotton candy business, Fairy Floss Northwest.

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