Wednesday, June 16, 2010


June Status Update from Blogger
To: Ian Rogers
Sent: June 16, 2010

Dear Blogger User,

It’s been another great month for Blogger! Your hard work and high-quality entries have made the site better than ever, and an increase in reader traffic is a clear indication of this result. Since we enacted the new User Guidelines, more and more readers have been turning to Blogger as their source of information, news, and opinions packaged in a concise, professional, easy-to read format.

Consider the numbers for May. Compared with April, site traffic increased 27.59%, with repeated blog viewings increasing an average of 43.62%. This has brought about an increase in ad revenue of over 63.2%, with the Advertising Department working harder than ever to achieve our goal of a 150% increase in advertising. Our ultimate goal is to become more popular than Google, and together we can do it!

Finally, the Quality Control Team would like to remind you to be brief in your sign-offs. The User Guidelines specifically require a one or two-word sign-off message to close out every blog as a way of making your readers comfortable. Surveying indicates that readers feel more personally connected to a blog where a familiar goodbye message awaits them at the end of every entry. However, a sign-off longer than two words is not only prohibited under the Guidelines, but also wastes valuable space that could otherwise be utilized for establishing more high-quality content, right?

We’re looking forward to another great month in June. Let’s all work hard to achieve our financial goals!


The Erochikan Financial Management and Achievement Team

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